JG: I started being interested in art in the 6th grade. It really came together many years ago while my wife was working nights in the theater. I decided to use my free time to take some night classes to further my interest in art and to discover what I could do. I have always liked working with my hands and I love the idea of translating something from an image in my mind, to an actual tangible piece. I have worked in stone, plaster and wood in the past but metal felt right to me. When we moved to Connecticut full time, we built a studio so I could have a place of my own to sculpt. NYS: It is very unusual for someone's hobby to turn into an all-consuming new career! What has the experience been like? JG: Exciting, happily surprising and extremely satisfying. Everyday is different and I like that. I have met some very interesting and supportive people and look forward to meeting many more. The art and design world is very different than the financial world. As far as my work is concerned each commission has presented it's own set of challenges and new experiences depending on a private residential client, hospitality or a public work. Some commissions may allow for more artistic freedom than others, there may be size restrictions, etc. but it all gets worked out in the end. As with any new ventures there is a constant learning curve.