NYS: What is your primary medium? What draws you to working with it? JG: For many years now my primary medium has been stainless-steel and bronze. I love the challenges of working with a medium that presents itself as sturdy and durable. Mirrored and patinated surfaces intrigue me because of their endless possibilities. NYS: Who are some of your clients now? JG: I just installed a wall sculpture for a luxury residential building in Washington DC designed by architecture icon Robert A.M. Stern. I am really thrilled to have one of my pieces be part of a building designed by Mr. Stern. It is my first wall installation and I am proud to say it is the only sculpture in the building. I prefer not to give the names of individuals because of their desire for privacy however I have done commissions for Soho Myriad Art Consulting, JSO Art Associates, Corman Arts, and Cynthia Byrnes Contemporary Art.