Republican-America February 2011

Waterbury, CT. Republican-America, February 2011
15 Artists Show, January 7 March 25, 2011

An antidote to winter.. may be just the balm we need .. on view at the Washington Depot's Behnke Doherty Gallery. With such a brilliant star of realism in their midst (Tom Yorst) Behnke Doherty should be commended by mixing up the exhibit with such a fulsome display of abstraction. To a large extent, the divergent styles of art are pulled together by the gorgeous sculptures and ceramics the gallery has displayed thoughout. Often these sculptures seem in conversation with the works above. For instance the elegant, Brancusi-like bronzes of Joe Gitterman..sit under the resplendet Yorst landscapes. Gitterman's works are gymnastic and poised.